This year's Autumn Gold Run will start at Over Community Centre, near to MGOC Headquarters. Begin the day with a breakfast roll and hot drink before heading off on the picturesque route which will take you through the lanes of Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire to the Stotfold Watermill & Nature Reserve.

The Watermill is a small working mill, run by volunteers, which has stood for a thousand years or more. After a fire completely gutted the mill in 1992 it has been carefully restored and is, once again operational. You will be able to watch the milling of wheat, view the largest waterwheel in Britain and purchase flour which is made onsite, in the shop. The Watermill is a modest, but very interesting location and considered a real jewel in Bedforshire.

Once you have looked around the Watermill, there is also the Nature Reserve to enjoy before taking a relaxed drive home.


Select Price
Entry Fee for car and two people26.00 GBP


 Additional Passengers

Additional Passenger x 1 8.00 GBP
Additional Passenger x 2 16.00 GBP
Additional Passenger x 3 24.00 GBP

If you are unsure or would like to speak to somone with regard to additional passengers, please call (01954) 231125 during office hours

PLEASE NOTE that there is no competitive element to the provided route in any way. The only merit attached to participating is in relation to good road behaviour, compliance with the Highway Code and all other road traffic regulations. Fee non refundable.

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