The deadline for Classified adverts is at 5:30pm on the 1st of each month prior to publication. If the 1st falls on a weekend or Back Holiday, the deadline for adverts submitted via post or phone will be the last weekday of the month. Refunds cannot be given after the 1st of the month deadline.

Submission Deadlines

Enjoying MG

- January issue released 28th December
1st January February issue released 28th January
1st February March issue released 26th February
1st March April issue released 29th March
1st April May issue released 27th April
1st May June issue released 26th May
1st June July issue released 28th June
1st July August issue released 27th July
1st August September issue released 26th August
1st September October issue released 27th September
1st October November issue released 27th October
1st November December issue released 26th November
1st December January 2022 issue released 29th December

Advertising Options:

‘Enjoying MG’ magazine is the best and most cost-effective media for advertising your MG, being sent out to our entire membership each month. The standard advert consists of a max. 30 words and can include a photograph of the car at no additional cost. A double-column advert is twice the size of the standard ad, consisting of 30 words, and helps to attract the potential buyers’ attention by displaying a colour photograph twice the size of the standard advert.

Internet adverts: Will appear on the 1st of the month to coincide with the release of Enjoying MG. e.g. an advert appearing in the November magazine will feature on the website from the 1st of November.

Please ensure all parts of an advert (text, photograph, payment) are with us by the deadline, otherwise we cannot guarantee advert placement in a particular issue.

Photograph/Image for an Advert:

One digital image is to be submitted with the online submission form in Jpeg format at between 200-300 dpi, no larger than 2Mb. If you are experiencing problems attaching your image, please submit your advert without the photograph and send this separately as a Jpeg to, quoting either your membership number or postcode as provided on your advert submission.

If you would like to send a hardcopy photograph to be matched with your text, please send this to: The Advertising Dept., The MG Owners Club, Octagon House, Swavesey, Cambridge, CB24 4QZ. Mark the photograph on the reverse with your name, membership number, address and telephone number.
Only one car to be advertised per advert. 30 words max. per advert.

Please tick the box, if you are a member of the MG Owners' Club.

Cars For Sale Single Column Ad (Price includes Internet advert)15.00 GBP
Cars Wanted15.00 GBP
Registrations15.00 GBP
Restorations (Non-running cars or Projects)15.00 GBP
Cars For Sale Double Column Ad (Must be accompained by a photo)27.00 GBP
Colour Photo (Cars Only) F.O.C0.00 GBP
Additional Advert Box (Adverts with NO photo)2.00 GBP
Spares For Sale (Spare Parts ONLY, incorrect advert placement will not be included in 'Enjoying MG') 0.00 GBP
Spares For Wanted0.00 GBP


Cars For Sale Single Column Ad (Price includes Internet advert) 17.00 GBP
Cars Wanted 17.00 GBP
Registrations 17.00 GBP
Restorations (Non-running cars or Projects) 17.00 GBP
Cars For Sale Double Column Ad (Must be accompained by a photo)31.00 GBP
Colour Photo (Cars Only) F.O.C0.00 GBP
Additional Advert Box (Adverts with NO photo)2.00 GBP
Spares For Sale14.00 GBP
Spares For Wanted14.00 GBP

Introduce the buyer of your MG to the MGOC and if they join you will get a refund on your advert of up to £12. All you need to do is email ( with your membership number and the new owner's membership number and once verified you will receive a cheque in the post. Please be aware this is a member's service and refunds will only be given to members of the club. This offer is only valid for 6 months after the issue in which your advert appears.

If once you have sold your MG you intend to cancel your membership, why not transfer the remainder of your membership to the new owner? If you have more than 3 months until your membership expiry, the remaining months of your membership can be transferred to the new owner for free,
so they too can experience all the benefits being a member offers. All we need is the purchaser's details and your membership number.
You can either e-mail ( or telephone (01954 231125) us once you have sold your MG, and we'll do the rest.

Only one car to be advertised per paid advert.

Advertisement Wording Maximum of 30 words including contact details. Any adverts exceeding this word limit are liable to be cut as necessary.
A word constitutes any text requiring a space to be legible, e.g., ‘6 months MOT’ = 3 words.
It is suggested to use abbreviations where possible if you wish to include lots of information in your advert, e.g., ‘Full Service History’ = ‘FSH’.
Word count: 0
Words remaining: 30

Asking Price £ :

Please double check the content of your advert before submitting for any errors or mistakes. Have you remembered to include your telephone number and a price?

Note: Please Click the Upload button once and wait for the upload to complete. Uploads can take sometime depending on your internet connection speed.

About your Car:

The Club has devised the following ratings to describe the condition of MGs for sale. Members and advertisers are encouraged to use these descriptions
fairly and honestly. They are in addition to the advertisement wording and are not counted as a paid word.

Condition 1 - In exceptional condition, full history, able to satisfy close scrutiny in any engineer's report. Basically as new or better than when new.
Condition 2 - No faults, either properly restored or mainly original with any repairs completed to a high standard with photographic or documented evidence.
Condition 3 - Everything in good working order with minor blemishes but no unsightly areas or mechanical problems. Likely to pass an MOT in 12 months.
Condition 4 - Some rust damage evident and mechanics, body and trim fair condition for their age. Possibly some minor work needed to pass an MOT now.
Condition 5 - In need of major restoration work, possibly unroadworthy.
Condition not relevant


Please note that, due to the volume of adverts we receive, we cannot confirm receipt of your submission. If you would like confirmation that your advert has been received and processed, please e-mail or telephone 01954 231125, 24 hours after you have placed your advert. Also we reserve the right to refuse or withdraw any advertisment at our discreation and cannot be held responsible for printing errors, although every care is taken to avoid mistakes. Advertisements received too late for a particular issue will automatically be inserted in the following issue, unless otherwise
instructed. Adverts are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled after the 1st of the month deadline.

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